Fudan Team Wins 2nd place of Performance Prize in 4th Global Network Investment Competition

A team of MBA students from Fudan University School of Management has won the second place of Performance Prize in the 4th Global Network Investment Competition. Named Golden Unicorn, the team is comprised of 2017 MBA students Li Yajie, Linan, Tang Sheng, Zhang Hongtao, Li Jie and Xu Huayuan.

Hosted by Yale School of Management, the competition is dedicated to equity investments sourced from top business students around the globe. This year it attracted 24 teams from top business schools from around the world including Yale School of Management, National University of Singapore Business School, Fudan University School of Management, Seoul National University Business School, ESMT Berlin and SDA Bocconi School of Management.

As part of the competition, the Performance Prize challenged students to assemble and manage a stock portfolio from five companies based in their home countries and each team’s portfolio performance is measured net of the respective local index over a six-month period.

Supervised by Professor Huang Jianbing, who has extensive experience instructing students in startup and financial analysis competitions, the Golden Unicorn team maintained top performance for five consecutive months, with their highest portfolio returns reaching 30%.

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