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Fudan IMBA Entry Scholarships for International Students


The Fudan IMBA Entry Scholarships for international students are awarded based on applicants’ academic and professional achievements, personal accomplishments, interview performance and potential contributions. Admitted candidates will be automatically considered for this scholarship and there is no need for a separate application.


● Diversity Scholarship

● Entrepreneurship Scholarship

● Excellence Scholarship

● Women Leadership Scholarship

● Social Responsibility Scholarship

● Young Talent Scholarship


* Students who are selected for more than one entry scholarships may choose the award of highest value.


Fudan IMBA GMAT Scholarships

For the GMAT scholarships, it is awarded on the basis of the applicants’ outstanding achievement in their GMAT or GMAT Focus Edition examination. Enrolled students (2024 intake) who obtain a GMAT score of 650 and above or GMAT Focus Edition score of 595 and above are eligible for the scholarships with the amount ranging from 40,000 RMB to 100% tuition fee. And the details as below:


● The GMAT score of 750 and above or GMAT Focus Edition score of 715 and above will be awarded 100% of the tuition fee;

● The GMAT score between 710  (including 710) and 750  or GMAT Focus Edition score between 665  (including 665) and 715 will be awarded 50% of the tuition fee;

● The GMAT score between 680  (including 680) and 710  or GMAT Focus Edition score between 625  (including 625) and 665 will be awarded 30% of the tuition fee;

● The GMAT score between 650 scores (including 650) and 680 or GMAT Focus Edition score between 595  (including 595) and 625 will be awarded 40,000 RMB scholarship.

When apply for the GMAT scholarships, you need to send your GMAT score report or GMAT Focus Edition score report to us (The GMAT Institution Code of FDSM IMBA is PS0-LZ-58); Score reports also need to be uploaded within the application system before 30th, April of the intake year. Note that the online version nor home-edition of GMAT or online version nor home-edition of GMAT Focus Edition will NOT be accepted for GMAT scholarship application. 


Fudan IMBA“Xing Quan”Belt and Road Scholarship


1) The Purpose of the Scholarship

The School of Management, Fudan University (FDSM) is committed to cultivating high-level management talents with a global perspective, adhering to the mission "rooted in a progressive China, committed to innovative research, and fostering academic professionals, business elites and social leaders who have an international perspective and a deep understanding of China’s national conditions."

In order to continue to promote the international development of the School and support the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, the School has been encouraging and attracting outstanding international students from countries along the route to join the School through various channels. Their participation will also help other students deepen their understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative.
The establishment of Xing Quan Belt And Road Scholarship is made possible with the generous support of the donor Yang Dong, alumni of FDSM.

2) Scholarship Details

The donor has funded RMB 500,000 per year which will be awarded to two IMBA students per year starting in September 2021 intake. Each scholarship awardee will receive a scholarship of RMB 250,000.

* This scholarship cannot be combined with other freshman scholarships.


3) Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following conditions:

1. Applicant is an international student applying for the full-time Fudan IMBA program and meets the program requirements;

2. Applicant is from a developing country, and preferably from a country that has signed cooperation documents with China to jointly build the “Belt and Road Initiative” (see the Belt and Road Network website for the list of countries);

3. Applicants should show demonstrated need for financial aid.


4) Scholarship Application Process

The scholarship review committee will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on the information provided by the applicants, and select applicants who meet the application requirements, and award them the scholarship.

This scholarship will be awarded after the applicant is officially admitted to the full-time Fudan IMBA program (the recipient will be awarded RMB 125,000 at the start of each year with total amount of RMB 250,000 in two years ).



| Chinese Language Immersion (SCI) Scholarships


Summer Chinese Language Immersion (SCI) Program is designed for the international students who want to learn Chinese language and get an insight into Chinese culture and people’s lives in China. The program allows students to enhance Chinese proficiency rapidly and get a unique and rich experience of Chinese society, custom and colorful culture.The July Session & August Session of the SCI covers Chinese language courses, culture workshops and cultural immersion activities.


Fudan MBA offers full tuition fee for international applicants who are interested in the SCI program before the enrollment of Fudan IMBA. 


Fudan MBA Dual Degree Scholarships


MBA students can choose to apply for the dual degree among three programs (MIT, Yale or Schulich). Fudan IMBA program set scholarship to encourage current students to apply.



Fudan IMBA 2024 entry : CNY 369,800
Fudan MBA 2024 entry : CNY 539,800


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