Why Fudan MBA?
Top Reasons to Study an MBA in Fudan Universituy
  • China is constantly in the news, especially when comes to developments in business. If you do business in Greater China, across the APAC and around the world, if you have the vision of the greater growth and opportunities in this emerging market, you know it takes new insights in order to build and hold a competitive advantage in a highly volatile global landscape. So how about studying there - more specifically, in China’s biggest and richest city?

    Shanghai is China’s economic hub. Positioned on the country’s central coast, the city generates a quarter of China’s import and export value and 12.5% of the nation’s total revenue. While Mandarin and English will serve you well, exposure to the Shanghai dialect provides a competitive edge at the heart of China’s business culture. A cast of 23 million inhabitants will welcome you to this thriving metropolis, a city with its foundations in trade and shipping and its eye on industrial and social transformation.

  • Better yet, Shanghai is a truly international setting, actively embracing Western influences, cultural exchange, and global connectivity. This open ethos is reflected in Shanghai's increasing global influence, buoyed by local developments in creative design, the film industry, and the art scene.

  • You’ll be in good company. The number of international students in China has doubled over the past decade, launching the destination to number three in the world after the US and the UK. The student population continues to grow by 10 percent year on year, so now’s a great time to get in – the groundwork has been laid, but the opportunities are still there to enjoy as the country’s economic significance rises and rises. Even if you don’t end up working in China, the benefits of studying in Shanghai at this pivotal moment and the flexibility you’ll develop to get by will serve you well throughout your career.

    You can take advantage of this wealth of benefits with the Fudan MBA Programs. All the programs introduce modern management theory and methods to its students while teaching them to adapt to a Chinese business environment. The carefully-designed program equips you with the fundamentals of business through a curriculum of core courses, while you can customize your experience by selecting from a number of in-depth elective modules – allowing you to zero in on the local scene or broaden out to international finance management and marketing as you wish.

  • Fudan’s alumni speak highly of the experience – and the prospects. American David Schuessler was attracted by the diverse student body and fabulous curriculum, concluding quite rightly that Fudan’s program is ‘rather difficult but also very worthwhile.'

    Turkey’s Ismail Hakki Gorucu elaborates: ‘I chose Shanghai because Shanghai is the business and finance center in China and also in Asia. The Fudan curriculum has many opportunities, both theoretical and practical. I have gained some experience how to deal with the real business culture difference and real business situations by using my knowledge I have learned in this MBA program.’

  • Shoab Momin already had six years experience consulting in India, the Middle East, and China before he applied to Fudan. He signed up for the MBA because he wanted ‘to understand the international know-how of current businesses,’ and indeed found that he was subsequently ‘able to understand the Asian businesses very well.’

    Whatever your level of experience and the precise specialism you’d like to learn, you’ll have difficulty finding a stronger and more rewarding platform than the Fudan MBA Programs in Shanghai.


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